Accommodation Guide

Connecting suite (triple + quad) 31,000 yen -

Connecting Rooms(3 person + 4 person rooms)31,000 yen –

Triple room with a loft connected with a quad, capacity for up to 7 people.
*Unit bath is in the triple room.


Group Room A(6 person room)24,000 yen –

Comfortable room for 6 people with 6 single beds and duvet.
*With shared bath and toilet.

Group room B (room for 6 people) 24,000 yen -

Group Room B(6 person room)24,000 yen –

Six single beds, stay warm under the down comforters. Room capacity is 6 people.
*Facilities are shared, Japanese style ofuro.


Quad(4 person room)16,000 yen –

Four single beds to snuggle up in.
*Facilities are shared, Japanese style ofuro.

Triple room (room for 3 people) 15,000 yen -

Triple(3 person room)15,000 yen –

Room with a unit bath, two single beds, and a loft. Kids will be excited to stay in the loft bed.

Twin room (room for 2 people) 12,000 yen -

Twin(2 Person room)12,000 yen –

Room with a unit bath and two single beds.

2018-19 Winter Season Room Rates

From 4000 yen per person!

  • Twin:12,000円~(Single bed ×2・Unit bathroom)
  • Triple:15,000円~(Single bed×2・Loft bed ×1・Unit bathroom)
  • Quad:16,000円~(Single bed ×4・Shared facilities)
  • Family:24,000円~(Single bed×6・Shared facilities)

*All prices are tax inclded.

Reservations / Inquiries CONTACT

Reservations and inquiries will be accepted by phone call or email form.

TEL +81-90-9030-1314

【Business hours】15:00 - 22:00
【Cafe restaurant】11:00 - 15:00 on Saturdays, Sundays and Hol-idays
*Open on weekdays with advance booking.

【Check-in time】15:00【Check-out time】10:00